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Are you searching for decoration services in Brentwood? Well you are in luck as Consortium Construction are the best decorators in the whole of Essex

In our time of our profession, we have seen a lot, the good, the bad, and the really bad. Most of the time though it can be quite bad, this is because they have either got a friend of a friend to do it, or they try and do it themselves, and typically this can result in very poor work that you either have to live with, or get someone to do it properly, so don’t waste your time and money, get the job done by professionals

Whatever style you are aiming for, whether it be minimalist, contemporary or even industrial, we have designed and decorated many different styles and are ready to decorate even more, so you can trust us to be able to make your house into the perfect home of your dreams, no matter the limitations set into your mind we can make it happen! Get in contact with us today!

If the decoration services of Consortium Construction sounds like something you would be interested in, then we highly recommend getting in contact with us!


Why Choose Consortium Construction?


Consortium Construction does not only just deal with decorating and plastering, we also have many other services that can benefit you! Such as kitchen and bathroom renovating! And if you plan on getting both services we can give you a much needed discount on everything! So you can get the full shebang for all your home needs


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If the services of Consortium Construction sound like something that could benefit your home, then we couldnt recommend enough getting in contact with us! Or instead you can email us on this address: or phone us on this number: 0333 242 0858

We look forward to working with you!